About Us

The New Way to Success

TechnoFlicker is a modern company based on Dhaka, Bangladesh, started in 2009.TechnoFlicker has all resources needed to present your business in the best possible way.TechnoFlicker is capable of providing a wide range of web products in order to improve and then consolidate the online presence of your business.

Why TechnoFlicker

The Web Design plays a crucial role in the entire web presence and visual identity of each company. The creation of web pages is seen as a form of art, since the web designer has to combine direction with shapes and lines, colors and texture, forming an aesthetically pleasing website with engaging design. The task of the web designer is to further take care of the usability, accessibility and functionality of the website, as well as to pass through the main message of the company. The web designers who are part of the IT Consulting Company Morgan Collins International create web pages and websites using different Web languages, including:  HTML  CSS  PHP  JAVASCRIPT  FLASH  JQUERY Professionally trained and inspired, the web designers of the company focus their efforts on the creation of websites that are modern, responsive and user friendly. The web design offered further aims to meet the goals and the intentions of the company’s clients.